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Q1 2021

Mello Token Launch

  • Team recruitment and formation
  • Mello Token contract development
  • Mello goes live on DEX PancakeSwap
  • Listing Applications (CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap)

Q2 2021 – Expansion and Business Development

Partner with legal team

  • We’ve partnered with a legal firm that both fulfills our specific needs for casino legalities and has a deep understanding of cryptocurrency. This partnership will enable us to finalize the formation of our legal entity, obtain our gambling license, and launch a merchandise store for the Mello community.

Q2 2021

Pursue listings on centralized exchanges

  • The Mello team will pursue agreements with a variety of centralized exchanges for maximum exposure and accessibility to the Mello Token. Mello Token was listed on the WhiteBit centralized cryptocurrency exchange on April 12th, 2021.

Q2 2021

List on Centralized exchange (

  • As of April 12th, 2021, the MELLO/USDT trading pair is live on

Q2 2021

Mello Dev team begins online casino development

  • Our development team has begun user interface development with the help of our partner Gammastack for a web browser integrated casino. With the development of our first iteration casino platform, we will hit our first casino development milestone.

Q2 2021

Legal Entity and Gambling Jurisdiction

  • We will pursue the formation of a legal entity and will be in search of jurisdiction to register the Mello Casino for gambling activities.

Q2 2021

Virtual Reality R&D

  • We are performing extensive research into virtual reality development and integration including hardware, software, and API packages in order to kick start and plan the future vision of Mello’s virtual reality casino and gaming environment.

Q3 – Expansion and Casino Development

Reaching out to larger centralized exchanges

  • Expansion of accessibility to Mello Token will be pursued by seeking out agreements with larger centralized exchanges. As the Mello community grows, it is important to us that we provide as many options as possible for our community members to Buy, Sell, and Transfer their Mello tokens.

Q3 2021

Casino game selection and implementation

  • We will start game provider sourcing and game selection for Mello’s 2D casino. All legal agreements will be thoroughly vetted to ensure proper business adaptation to Mello. The game software packages will also be put through rigorous testing to ensure the smoothest user experience for our Mello community.

Q3 2021

Casino integration of Mello Token

  • We will be implementing external wallet integration into the Mello 2-D casino ecosystem. This will enable members of the Mello community to use their Mello tokens in the 2-D casino from their existing external wallets.

Q3 2021

Mello Online Casino backbone/core testing

  • The core of the 2-D Mello casino will be built on a secure backbone and will go through rigorous cybersecurity stress-testing to mitigate vulnerabilities. Beta testing, as well as a soft launch, will aid in this endeavor to ensure maximum security.

Q3 2021

Virtual Reality R&D

  • Our design team will continue to develop virtual reality assets. This development will bring our vision of virtual reality gaming to life and bring us closer to our next milestone: virtual reality.

Q3 2021

Legal Entity Finalization

  • We will be finalizing the formation of our legal entity which will be headquartered in Costa Rica. Registration in Costa Rica jurisdiction will legally allow the Mello Casio to perform all gambling activities.

Q4 – 2D Mello Casino Launch and VR Development

1st iteration Mello online Casino finalization, beta testing, and initial exclusive launch

  • Upon finalization of the 1st iteration Mello 2-D Online Casino, we will host an exclusive launch event for select members of the Mello community. This limited launch will allow the Mello team to monitor the gaming backend with a limited sample size to further fine tune the 2-D Casino.

Q4 2021

Public launch of Mello V.1 Casino

  • The public launch of the first iteration 2-D online casino will be accessible to the entire Mello community on October 8th This gaming environment will include all updates and improvements to further enhance the casino experience.

Q4 2021

Business / tech development partnerships pursued and formed

  • We will be seeking out specific partners in the business and technology sectors and forming strategic partnerships in order to expand Mello on all fronts.

Q4 2021

Mello Virtual Reality Casino development plan finalized

  • Our research and initial development phases will yield a final development plan for Mello’s 3-D virtual reality casino and gaming environment. This plan will propel the Mello team into 2022 and bring us one step closer to our Virtual Reality casino milestone.


2022 and Beyond – Mello Casino VR Development and Global Brand Expansion

Mello team and partners begin to bring the Mello VR Casino to life

  • Mello will bring their vision of the Mello VR cryptocurrency casino into reality. The culmination of our work will ultimately bring a plethora of casino games together in a virtual reality casino for the Mello community.

2022 and Beyond – Mello Casino VR Development and Global Brand Expansion

Global expansion of the Mello Brand

  • The Mello team will pursue strategic global partnerships to expand the Mello Brand.

2022 and Beyond – Mello Casino VR Development and Global Brand Expansion

Additional marketing partnerships formed

  • The Mello team will seek out marketing partnerships to ensure the proper expansion of the Mello community
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