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About Mello

Our Inspiration

The combination of global isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the booming tech and cryptocurrency industries have provided much of the Mello team’s inspiration. The world embarked upon a journey of self-discovery in 2020-2021 which has brought about many changes in the way people interact with one another. We are moved by humanity’s relentless pursuit of a feeling of connectedness and we have recognized this inspiration as a call to action.

The Mello Vision

The Mello vision is of a luxurious, fully functioning virtual reality gaming environment, wherein a plethora of fully immersive games can be played from the comfort of one's own home. This bold vision includes the integration of the Mello Token.

Mello Casino

The 2D Mello Casino is the first immersive gaming environment released by the Mello team. We aim to bring every user an unmatched virtual casino experience that will follow on through the VR Mello Casino and beyond.

Mello Ecosystem

Our vision includes many products beyond the Mello Casino where Mello Token can be fully utilized and integrated. We are currently expanding to include utility NFTs and will continue to add breadth and depth to the Mello Ecosystem with further entities.

What Mello Strives to Accomplish

Mello envisions a future where Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the centerpieces of day-to-day life. The future prevalence of VR is inevitable, but Mello intends to greatly accelerate the integration of Virtual Reality into the daily norm. Mello strives to disrupt the entertainment and finance industries. Our VR gaming environment concept is being designed to provide players, globally, with an immersive and exhilarating experience.


Mello Token is the basis of our ever growing platform. While an initial stepping stone of things to come, having our own currency gives us to power and ability to do everything we promise.


We pride ourselves in bringing purpose to everything we do. The casino token utility of Mello Token and casino bonus utility of our NFTs are just the beginning of our multi-utility strategy of everything we release.


One of our main objectives is to offer an unparalleled virtual casino experience. Our 2D Mello Casino with 2000+ games from over 40 providers will do just that and continue on into our virtual reality implementation.


Mello Token and the 2D Mello Casino are only a couple of puzzle pieces in the big picture. We will continue to expand the Mello ecosystem with our virtual reality implementation among other structures and entities.


We aim to bring value to everything in Mello. Mello Token, Mello Casino, and multiple utilities within the expanding Mello ecosystem bring value not only to the Mello entity as a whole but also to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mello Token is a redistributive cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The fast and inexpensive transactions of BSC make the Mello Token perfect for integration into our future Virtual Reality Gaming Environment. A 3% redistribution fee is placed on all transfers, purchases, and sales of Mello (outside of exchanges) which is rewarded to all Holders of the token. Put simply, all holders of Mello earn interest on a constant basis.

Mello strives to be transparent with the members of our community by regularly hosting live question-and-answer sessions. In addition to this direct communication with the community, Mello will release official contract audits and reports. Mello will continuously update the community on current progress through the various stages of the roadmap.

The Mello team consists of 14 passionate members with expertise, experience, and extensive knowledge in fields that include: business development, marketing, law, finance, graphic design, and computer science. The team behind the Mello Token will be transparent, diverse, and dynamic as we expand and strive for our future goals. Our team is unified by a passion for the development of the Mello vision: transforming the future of finance and entertainment.

Mello is always seeking new talent and we encourage aspiring members to reach out! Make sure you've followed us on our social media platforms as well as joined our community servers to find out when we're officially hiring.

Mello can be purchased through our partner PancakeSwap. For general inquiries and more detailed information on how to buy $MELLO, make sure to consult the guides on our website and join our discord server.

Mello’s price can currently be tracked on decentralized applications (DAPPs) which stream live charts. These include: GoSwapp and Poocoion.

As of April 12th, 2021, the MELLO/USDT trading pair is live on

The Mello team is determined to reach our goals quickly. Continuing at our current pace would ensure an exceedingly bright future for the Mello community.

Extremely Limited

Exclusive Mello NFT Collection is now live!

Once the Mello Casino is launched, one of these NFTs is allowed to be used per Mello Casino account where you will get a 3% cash back deposit bonus on one deposit of up to $5000 every two weeks!
Mint your NFT here
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