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394 Million
Circulating Supply
106 Million
Burned Tokens
18 Million
Market Cap

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Our whitepaper will give you more in depth details and plans for all areas of Mello.


Everything you need to know about Mello's decentralized economic system.

Binance Smart Chain

The Mello Token utilizes the fast and inexpensive transactions of Binance Smart Chain.


3% of each Mello Transaction (outside of exchanges) is instantly distributed amongst every wallet holding Mello.

Locked Liquidity

The Mello liquidity pool is locked on PancakeSwap for 1 year.


The manual burn schedule has concluded, there will forever be a maximum of 394 million Mello in circulation.

Manual Burn Schedule

We have manually burned tokens per our token milestone burn schedule and have reached our final circulating supply of 394 million.

Zero Liquidity Fee

Mello charges no fee for the liquidity pool, keeping transaction costs as low as possible.

Mello Token Redistributions

Watch the breakdown of the Mello Token Redistribution system.

Extremely Limited

Exclusive Mello NFT Collection is now live!

Once the Mello Casino is launched, one of these NFTs is allowed to be used per Mello Casino account where you will get a 3% cash back deposit bonus on one deposit of up to $5000 every two weeks!
Mint your NFT here
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