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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive Mello NFT collection!

The Mello NFT collection will be composed of approximately 1000 NFTs with varying features and attributes. The different configurations of the features and attributes will give each NFT a unique rarity relative to all others in the collection.

Each NFT in this collection will sell for 1 BNB with a goal of obtaining 1000 BNB when all are sold.

What makes the Mello NFT collection different from all others is that we are not selling these one of a kind pieces for profit, but to reinvest back into Mello. 500 BNB is slated for direct reinvestment into Mello by adding 250 BNB into the liquidity pool and using 250 BNB to buy Mello while the other 500 BNB will be used for marketing.

Holding an NFT from our exclusive collection will give you a special cash back bonus when depositing your funds into the Mello Casino. Further details of the cash back bonus will be released soon.

The 1M+ NFT is a special item outside of our Mello NFT Collection for our holders with 1 million Mello or more. Every wallet with 1 million Mello or more by Mello Casino launch will get a one-time 1M+ NFT. This NFT will give you a special cash back bonus when depositing funds into the Mello Casino. There will never be any more 1M+ NFTs minted after those given to the wallets by casino launch making this a super exclusive item. Further details of the cash back bonus will be released soon.

Hi Mello Community. We have some great news for you! We would like to confirm that we will be doing a relaunch / rebranding!

We have taken a screenshot of all the wallets.

Please note: If you SELL any tokens, your name will be removed from the whitelist, and you will no longer qualify for the airdrop If you BUY any tokens, none of the new tokens you buy will be added, and only the original token amount will be airdropped. We are doing this for all our loyal holders who believe in us and would like to avoid a new holder coming in with a large buy.

What if your tokens are on an EXCHANGE like WhiteBit or BitMart? We highly suggest that you all please transfer your Mello to a separate Metamask or Trust Wallet account and then from that account transfer your tokens into the owner’s account. Take a screenshot and post this to our Discord under “Exchanges” as proof in order to get your airdrop.

The final step is to please send your tokens to the owner’s account. 0xE7Dd39194166aa3966bb8e9b585AD8dD7DfE2787

You can transfer your tokens until Dec. 31st. We will make an announcement with further steps and details on January 1st.

We look forward to a successful relaunch for Mello as well as our community. Please reach out to us on our Discord channel if you have any questions about this.

As always, Keep it Mello.
A message from your founder, Sunny. 
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